Angler Fish!

So at some point late last night, I decided that this one piece of big circle glitter on my pointer nail would be the perfect spot for an angler fish light thingy. Cue an hour of googling photos of angler fish before saying screw it and winging this one, I am quite pleased with how it came out. Especially with the black light accents!

Polishes used: Emily de Molly – Oceanic Forces, China Glaze – Sun Worshipper, Spoiled by Wet ‘n Wild – Did I Dye It Too Blonde?, various acrylic paints(both neon and not neon)


angler fish daylight 20131015_030358


31 Day Challenge: Day 26 – Inspired by a Pattern

Freehanding patterns = so tedious. Give me Hogwarts any day over trying to get everything perfect and even hahaha. ¬†Overall I’m pretty pleased with these. I didn’t do a fantaaaaastic job of keeping the size of the houndstooth patterns even from nail to nail, but oh well! I like it!


Polishes used: Rescue Beauty Lounge – Aqua Lilly, white acrylic paint, Takko Lacquer – Bright Young Things(accent nail neon bit), Spoiled by Wet ‘n Wild – Did I Dye It Too Blonde?(used over the other three nails)

26 - inspired by a pattern
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31 Day Challenge: Day 3 – Yellow Nails!

Aaaah I really really REALLY love how my nails for this day turned out! Partly inspired by Chalkboard Nails chevron manicure for orange yesterday, I decided to try my hand at freehanding some chevrons since I don’t have any craft scissors or tape handy. ¬†I also discovered that my old old old bottle of Lynnderella – Glitter Tamer glows violently whiteblue in black light, and makes for a great top coat on a black light mani!

For the photo below I used the following polishes: Lush Lacquer – Neon Lights as a base for all the nails, Spoiled by Wet ‘n Wild – Did I Dye It Too Blonde? over the pointer and pinky, and then chevrons made with acrylic paint and topped with the Spoiled polish for black light reactive-ness.

03 - yellow nails


I had to take the black light one a bit far away from the light. Every time I got too close to it, the intense blue glow from the Glitter Tamer made my camera freak out hahaha.

03 - yellow nails black light