Halloween Nails Round 4!

I wanted to keep things simple today, I’ve got a busy next few days and didn’t have the time to do some more nail art last night. I love this combination! It definitely screams Halloween to me and didn’t require me to bust out any paint brushes or acrylic paint, woohoo!


Polishes used: OPI – Tomorrow Never Dies, CrowsToes – Shoot the Butterfly, and Pahlish – Legra; 1956


halloween glitter


Halloween Nails round 3: Spiderwebs!

Mooooore halloween nail art! I can’t stop. I didn’t just use paint this time though, I busted out some office supplies, hahaha. I have one of those decorative hole punch things that creates little shaped confetti, and this specific one does little spider shapes. I painted a piece of scotch tape with some nail polish and top coat, let it dry forever(seriously if it isn’t compleeeeeeetely dry, it will clog up your punch thingamajigg and is just a general pain in the ass), and used the hole punch to get the little spider shaped nail polish tape. I just stuck that on my nail, outlined it with black polish using a detail brush, and topped it with top coat. I then used my black nail art striper polish to draw the webs.


Polishes used: Color Club – Pucci-licious, OPI – A Woman’s Prague-ative, black nail art striper


Halloween Spider

Sleepy Hollow nail art

Whooooooops. I thought I’d set this to post yesterday, and then I got really busy and forgot to check. Still learning the ropes of this blogging business, y’all.

Anywho. Late monday night, I ended up doing some Sleepy Hollow themed nail art because I am kind of in love with the beautiful, beautiful man playing Ichabod Crane that show. This was based on a clip from the opening titles, and it is kinda spooky/halloween-y, which fits with the time of the year.

Polishes used: Joe Fresh – Denim, OPI – My Pointe Exactly, CND – Brilliant White, and acrylic paint.

To get the foggy look behind the nails, I alternated with the OPI and the CND, both sponging them on and using saran wrap.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 7.09.00 PM sleepy hollow



Would you guys rather see more plain polish swatches or more nail art? I’m on a bit of a low buy right now and I’m trying to not just go through my old polish stash and swatch everything for the blog, especially since a lot of the polishes are older/not for sale any longer, hence the continuation of nail art after I finished the 31 day challenge.

31 Day Challenge: Day 31 – Honor Nails You Love!

Praiseeeeeee. This challenge is over! It’s been so much fun but, I must say, after this post is done? You will not be seeing my nails for a few days hahaha. I somehow deleted or lost my extra swatch photos that I’d taken throughout the challenge for my future posts, and after 31 days of changing my polish at least once a day, I am leaving these bad boys alone for a bit! We’ll be back to regular swatchapalooza by Thursday or Friday though, so no worries.

For this challenge, as soon as I read the theme I knew who/what mani I wanted to base this on. Basecoat Topcoat on tumblr was one of the first nail art accounts I started following, and literally everything she does just blows my mind. I hope that one day I am as good at the crazy detailed things like she is! The particular mani that inspired me today was part of the get stoned series, her Opal mani. There’s a tutorial on her tumblr for how she did it, but I wanted to put my own spin on it so I used her post as more of an inspiration than a guideline. To get the marble-y look, I used the same water + alcohol + polish method that I did for the turquoise nails yesterday, only I did it with a bunch of colors in between layers of a light grey jelly. I am really happy with how these turned out, definitely going to enjoy staring at them for the next few days!

Polishes used: OPI – My Pointe Exactly, Deborah Lippmann – On The Beach, Deborah Lippmann – Almost Paradise, Deborah Lippmann – Fairy Dust, Deborah Lippmann – Edge of Glory(flakies), China Glaze – Papaya Punch, China Glaze – Pool Party, CND – Brilliant White

31 - Honor nails you love
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31 Day Challenge: Day 30 – Inspired by a Tutorial

Sweet mercy, it looks like this cold I’ve got was just a weekend bug. I feel slightly less like death today, so I’m hoping this means it’s the end of this madness.


This tutorial is something that I’ve wanted to try for a while, but until today I never remembered it while out and about to remember to buy a spray bottle for rubbing alcohol. I’m not sure who posted this tutorial first, I’ve seen quite a few versions of it across the internet, but the one that I have had saved is from Nail Pop.  I really like how this turned out, and it was SO MUCH EASIER THAN WATER MARBLING.  The only thing I would do differently the next time is to sponge the gold on before the black, and to wait longer before top coating because you can tell the TC dragged the black polish in a few places.


Polishes used: Turquoise franken, American Apparel – Hassid, OPI – Goldeneye


30 - tutorial


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31 Day Challenge: Day 18 – Half Moons!

Anybody want to bring me some coffee? I pulled an all-nighter last night and I am struggggggggling to function today. Luckily today’s mani was super easy(bless those V shaped french tip guides, they were my salvation. I do wish I’d had some rounded ones though, but oh well). I really like the simplicity of this one, I think I will create it the next time I dress up and go out somewhere fancy.


Polishes used: OPI – Goldeneye, American Apparel – Poppy, American Apparel – Hassid

18 - half moon


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31 Day Challenge: Day 5 – Blue Nails!

The polish I used for today is one of my favorite light blue polishes ever: Scofflaw Varnish – Love Letter to Kurt Vonnegut


To get the gold foil-y look,  I  used OPI – Goldeneye and sponged it on randomly across my nails. The flakie texture of the polish makes it not work too well for gradients(or at least I cannot seem to get it to cooperate in a normal gradient, hahaha), but it looks great like this!

05 - blue