Neon Distressed Nail Art!

Hi y’all!  Just a quick nail art post for you today. I’ve actually been wearing this mani for 2-3 days now, it might be a new record for me hahaha.
Polishes used: Elevation Polish – Yeti Was a Good Ninja(base), Elevation Polish – Base of Huangshan(yellow), Elevation Polish – Sample GGM#5(green), Chaos & Crocodiles – Cupcake Ninja(pink), and Nina Ultra Pro – Cobalt(blue)





Chaos & Crocodiles – Reflections, Echoes, and Shadows!

As I promised yesterday, I have full swatches of the new Chaos & Crocodiles polishes! They’ll be available for preorder next Saturday(Aug. 30), but I’ll leave all the details for that at the end of the post.

All three of these polishes have 5 different kinds of holo micro glitters/pigments in a tinted jelly base, and they are super sparkly! The formula on all three was great as well. Even with multiple coats they all dried just fine and had no thickness issues. Up first is Reflections, it is the blue jelly of the trio. The photos below(sun and shade) were 2 coats + 1 coat of Seche Vite. In some lights I could still see a slight VNL, so if that isn’t your thing I would recommend another coat, it would go completely opaque no problem!



Next up is Echoes, a reddish magenta/berry! I used 3 coats + 1 coat of Seche Vite for the photos below. I really liked how this one seemed to be a bit more red than your average magenta shade, it’s such a pretty color!



Finally we have Shadows, the deep purple of the trio! I think this one is my favorite of the three, I just looove how deep of a purple it is, and the holo pigment/glitter/etc gives it that extra oomph. Photos below were 2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite.



These three polishes, along with the CosmoProf exclusive/LE ‘Operation Vegas’ and the Secret Agent Collection(my swatches of that here!) will all be available for a preorder on Saturday, August 30th from 12(Noon) to 1PM EDT and later that day from 9PM to 10PM EDT.  Make sure to follow the C&C  Facebook pageBlogInstagram, and Twitter for the most up to date information on the upcoming restock! You can also purchase Chaos & Crocodiles polish from Mei Mei’s Signatures, and Norway Nails.

Even more Doctor Who nail art!

Wooooooooooooooo! Doctor Who is backkkkkkk! I am very excited if you can’t tell. I quite enjoyed the season premiere, but that is all I’ll say on the subject since I don’t want to spoil it for anyone!

The base polish for this nail art is an upcoming Chaos & Crocodiles polish named Reflections! I’ll have swatches of that and the other two new C&C polishes tomorrow hopefully! The TARDIS accent nail was done with acrylic paints.


Chaos and Crocodiles – Secret Agent Collection!

Wooo! It took me forever(thanks Florida summer and your damn daily rainstorms), but I fiiiiiinally got enough sun time to get this collection swatched in one fell swoop.


Up first is Security Breach, it is a red linear holo with yellow flakies and gold sparkles. I’ll go on and get it out of the way now and say I didn’t have any formula issues on any polishes in this collection, they were all great and I had perfect coverage in 2 coats! Photo below is 2 coats + top coat in the sunlight.


Interrogation is a coral-leaning orange holographic. I love the color of this polish! Photo below is 2 coats + top coat in the sunlight.


Subterfuge is a gold/yellow linear holo with pink flakies and blue sparkles. The flakies and sparkly bits are hard to see in a sun shot, but you can really see them(esp the blue bits) when you are inside or under indirect light. Photo below is 2 coats + top coat in the sunlight.



Night Vision is a light green linear holographic. I have a few other green holos, but nothing this shade, I love it! Photo below is 2 coats + top coat in the sunlight.


Cipher is a blue-leaning teal linear holo. This is one of my favorites of the collection(not surprising since teals are always my favorites). Photo below is 2 coats + top coat in the sunlight.


Sleeper Cell is a vibrant blue linear holo. I love how vivid the blue is in this one. Photo below is 2 coats + top coat in the sunlight


Reconnaissance is an intense purple linear holo. This is another one of my faves, I love how deep of a purple it is. Photo below is 2 coats + top coat in the sunlight.


Protocol is an orchid/fuchsia linear holo with purple flakies. I like that this is a bit of a darker shade of pink. Photo is 2 coats + top coat in the sunlight.


Black Ops is a black linear holo with a multi-colored shimmer. Definitely a great go-to black holo, it had great coverage and was *almost* a 1 coater(you could probably get away with it if you did thick coats). Photo below is 2 coats + top coat in the sunlight.


And finally, we have Decoy! It is a silvered lavender linear holo. This was another one of my faves, I love that light purple hue. Photo below is 2 coats + top coat in the sunlight.


You can purchase Chaos & Crocodiles from her Big Cartel shop(currently closed for maintenance until the next restock, August 14th at 3PM EDT), Mei Mei’s Signatures, and Norway Nails. To keep up with the latest updates/restock information/all that jazz, make sure to follow the C&C Facebook pageBlogInstagram, and Twitter!

Chaos & Crocodiles: Secret Agent Collection nail art!

Hi guys! Today I have some nail art that I did with the most recent Chaos & Crocodiles collection. I will have full, proper swatches of this whole collection this weekend, but until then I just had to share this rainbow gradient I did with most of the colors!

Polishes used(top to bottom): Security Breach, Interrogation, Subterfuge, Night Vision, Cipher (also the bottle I’m holding), Sleeper Cell, Reconnaissance, and Protocol.



On Wednesdays we wear pink.

Hi guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA, life has 10000% taken over my free time, but I really am planning on catching up to my nail art challenge in the next week(I hope)!


This happened as a result of staying up way too late + browsing tumblr and remembering that today is the 10th anniversary of the release of Mean Girls(christ I feel old now. TEN YEARS?).  Polishes used: Chaos & Crocodiles – Cupcake Ninja, Enchanted Polish – Seven Nation Army, the lettering was done with acrylic paint.


on wednesdays we wear pink

30 Day Challenge: Day 19 – Distressed Mani!

I love distressed manis, and I love neons. I am fairly certain I could do manis with nothing but neon polishes for the rest of my days and I would be okay with that, hahahaha. I used Pahlish – Zang Qian’s Expedition as the base, and for the distressed bit I used Elevation Polish – Arabian Sea, Takko Lacquer – Bright Young Things, Takko Lacquer – Strangely Delicious: RVMP, and Chaos & Crocodiles – Cupcake ninja. The accent nail detail s all acrylic paint.


30dc distressed


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30 Day Challenge: Day 7 – Complementary Colors!

Whoooops I am a bit late in the day with this one! I looked at my list wrong and thought today was shades of grey, so I did this AWESOME NAIL ART and then realized I did the wrong challenge day. On the bright side, my mani tomorrow is definitely amazing, and I’ll have it posted bright and early in the morning! I didn’t get my nails repainted and all that jazz before I had to work, but yay here we go, finally got it done before I lost the sunlight! I used Chaos & Crocodiles – Cupcake Ninja as the base, and then a gradient using Elevation Polish – Cuernos del Paine and Elevation Polish – I Got the Axe.


30dc complementary


Make sure to check out what the other bloggers have done for today’s theme, and if you want to participate yourself just add your link to the linkup below!