31 Day Challenge: Day 31 – Honor Nails You Love!

Praiseeeeeee. This challenge is over! It’s been so much fun but, I must say, after this post is done? You will not be seeing my nails for a few days hahaha. I somehow deleted or lost my extra swatch photos that I’d taken throughout the challenge for my future posts, and after 31 days of changing my polish at least once a day, I am leaving these bad boys alone for a bit! We’ll be back to regular swatchapalooza by Thursday or Friday though, so no worries.

For this challenge, as soon as I read the theme I knew who/what mani I wanted to base this on. Basecoat Topcoat on tumblr was one of the first nail art accounts I started following, and literally everything she does just blows my mind. I hope that one day I am as good at the crazy detailed things like she is! The particular mani that inspired me today was part of the get stoned series, her Opal mani. There’s a tutorial on her tumblr for how she did it, but I wanted to put my own spin on it so I used her post as more of an inspiration than a guideline. To get the marble-y look, I used the same water + alcohol + polish method that I did for the turquoise nails yesterday, only I did it with a bunch of colors in between layers of a light grey jelly. I am really happy with how these turned out, definitely going to enjoy staring at them for the next few days!

Polishes used: OPI – My Pointe Exactly, Deborah Lippmann – On The Beach, Deborah Lippmann – Almost Paradise, Deborah Lippmann – Fairy Dust, Deborah Lippmann – Edge of Glory(flakies), China Glaze – Papaya Punch, China Glaze – Pool Party, CND – Brilliant White

31 - Honor nails you love
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31 Day Challenge: Day 30 – Inspired by a Tutorial

Sweet mercy, it looks like this cold I’ve got was just a weekend bug. I feel slightly less like death today, so I’m hoping this means it’s the end of this madness.


This tutorial is something that I’ve wanted to try for a while, but until today I never remembered it while out and about to remember to buy a spray bottle for rubbing alcohol. I’m not sure who posted this tutorial first, I’ve seen quite a few versions of it across the internet, but the one that I have had saved is from Nail Pop.  I really like how this turned out, and it was SO MUCH EASIER THAN WATER MARBLING.  The only thing I would do differently the next time is to sponge the gold on before the black, and to wait longer before top coating because you can tell the TC dragged the black polish in a few places.


Polishes used: Turquoise franken, American Apparel – Hassid, OPI – Goldeneye


30 - tutorial


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31 Day Challenge: Day 29 – Inspired by the Supernatural

Ughhhhhh. Despite my attempts to avoid all of my family members that were sick last week, I have caught their plague and spent the past 24 hours in a cold medicine induced haze hahaha. This challenge day is one I struggle with anyway, I can never come up with something good for supernatural that isn’t the show. Combined with my inability to keep my eyes from watering like mad thanks to this cold, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to stare at my nails long enough to paint them. I ended up asking my mom what she thought I should do, and she suggested The X Files logo. I liked that idea so here we go!

The X Files used to scare the bejeezus out of me when I was a kid. I remember watching one episode with my mom, the one about the Mothmen(invisible people with red eyes ugh ugh ugh), and my mother thought it would be funny later that night to use a red laser pointer outside my bedroom window and tap the glass so I’d look over there. Terrified for life. We’re a pranking kind of family though, so I eventually got her back.


Polishes used: American Apparel – Hassid, Pahlish – Legra; 1956 acrylic paint for the X.

29 - supernatural
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31 Day Challenge: Day 28 – Inspired by a Flag!

I was not excited about doing this one up until I decided to use a fictional flag instead of a normal one, hahaha. Technically this is more of a sigil, buttttttt they fly their sigils on flags when they’re off stomping around Westeros, right? So it counts? I say it counts and that’s that.  This one was inspired by the House Stark sigil. I’ve done this one before, and I still haven’t been able to make the design stretch across all four nails without it looking weird, so it’s just on three of them again.



Polishes used: Hare Polish – Dead Man’s Bones(seemed appropriate since it was the House Stark sigil, hahaha) and black acrylic paint

28 - inspired by a flag

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31 Day Challenge: Day 27 – Inspired by Artwork

I know I’ve said it about quite a few of my nail art adventures so far, but this one is HANDS DOWN my favorite that I’ve done for this challenge so far. Faaaavorite. Van Gogh has always been one of my favorite artists, and I wanted to do something different than Starry Night(I did that for a Christmas challenge last year). Somehow I ended up spending a good 2 hours browsing through various Van Gogh sketches and paintings before I decided on Wheatfield with Cypresses.

Polishes used: Elevation Polish – SBP Arabian Sea + tons and tons of acrylic paints.

27 - inspired by art 
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31 Day Challenge: Day 26 – Inspired by a Pattern

Freehanding patterns = so tedious. Give me Hogwarts any day over trying to get everything perfect and even hahaha.  Overall I’m pretty pleased with these. I didn’t do a fantaaaaastic job of keeping the size of the houndstooth patterns even from nail to nail, but oh well! I like it!


Polishes used: Rescue Beauty Lounge – Aqua Lilly, white acrylic paint, Takko Lacquer – Bright Young Things(accent nail neon bit), Spoiled by Wet ‘n Wild – Did I Dye It Too Blonde?(used over the other three nails)

26 - inspired by a pattern
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31 Day Challenge: Day 25 – Inspired by Fashion

Grr green polish. It ruins everything. This gradient was perfect until I added top coat and then it bled through to the other layers, tinting the blue and white bits a bit green. It still looks great though! It just doesn’t match my inspiration as well anymore, hahaha. My inspiration for this round was a skirt from the Peter Pilotto Spring ’14 show.


Polishes used: Elevation Polish – I Got The Axe, American Apparel – Manila, American Apparel – Cotton, Elevation Polish – Dykh-Tau, Deborah Lippmann – On the Beach, and acrylic paint in white and grey.

25 - inspired by fashion



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31 Day Challenge: Day 24 – Inspired by a Book

There are no words for how much I love this one. It turned out perfect! I was inspired by the new cover art released this past summer for the Harry Potter series. Particularly the artwork of the castle that was used as the spine cover art.



Polishes used: American Apparel – Factory Grey + acrylic paint


24 - Inspired by a book

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31 Day Challenge: Day 23 – Inspired by a Movie

Hi guys!  I channeled my inner nerd a bit for this next one, and I have to say. I looooove it. I spent ages trying to come up with something for this challenge, and then I saw my bottle of Nerdlacquer – The Ring just sitting on the shelf and I had an idea. I’m sure y’all can figure out the idea based on the name of that polish, hahaha. (If you can’t, it’s the ‘One Ring to Rule Them All’ inscription from Lord of the Rings)

Polishes used: Nerdlacquer – The Ring and black acrylic paint.

23 - Inspired by a Movie
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31 Day Challenge: Day 22 – Inspired by a Song

This one wasn’t so much inspired by a song as it was an album cover. Specifically, the cover of Steve Aoki’s album, Wonderland.


(This is also a sneak peak of one of the new Polish Revolution glitters from the new collection releasing soon! There will be a full review of all the glitters this week!)

Polishes used: Takko Lacquer – Bright Young Things, a white nail art polish, Polish Revolution – You Better WERK, and acrylic paint.

22 - inspired by music

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