Elevation Polish – The Adventures of Marco Polo Collection!

*polishes in this post were provided for unbiased review*


Hi guys! Today I have the newest Elevation Polish collection to show you all. It is such a great collection, full of rich, vibrant colors that are perfect for fall if you ask me! I haven’t seen the Netflix show that this collection is based on, but it is on my list and I am sure it is amazing, hahaha.


Up first is Khan of Khans, a burnished olive gold with a metallic finish. It is such a rich color! I don’t own anything quite like it, which is rare for me. I’m not a stamper, but I think it would probably make a great stamping polish. The photos below show 2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite.


Next we have Munkh Khukh Tengri, a dusty denim blue full of ultra chrome flake shimmer in blue, green and gold. Another stunner! I love this deep, dusty shade of blue, it works so well with the flake shimmer. The photos below are 2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite.

Le Città invisibili is another one that has some ultra chrome flake shimmer in it, the base color is a purple leaning taupe. I love taupe-y shades like this, I think Essie Chinchilly was the first taupe/greige polish I ever bought and it created a never-ending love for these kinds of colors. Love love love. The photos below are 2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite.

The next polish is The Latin of 4 languages, a copper metallic that leans orange/red. This one is SO INTENSE Y’ALL. This orange is another one that would possibly make for good stamping, it’s so vibrant. The photos below show 2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite.

Saif al Jabbar is one of my favorites of the collection, it’s a holo with a blackened base and a red to gold color-shifting shimmer. A+. Five stars. Such a great, vampy color! Photos below show 2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite.


This next polish, Zhenjin, ties for my favorite of the collection. It is a true burnished gold metallic holo, and it leans more gold than holo. IT IS SO GOLD. When I was wearing it, I kept looking down at my hands because it was just like BAM. LOOK AT THIS GOLD GOODNESS. The photos below show 2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite.


This is the other polish that tied as favorite, Empress Chabi. It is a berry style red with blue and red shift shimmer, which may appear more violet. It is the perrrrrrrrrfect fall polish! Deep, vampy, and a killer shimmer to top it off! This is the one I’ve already gone back to and worn a few more times from this collection after I finished my swatches. The photos below show 2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite.


You can buy Elevation Polish from the Elevation Polish Bigcartel site! New collections restock on Bigcartel on the 7th of every month at 9PM CST and the 22nd at 9AM CST. For more information on restock times, make sure to check out the Colors + Restock Dates section on the bigcartel site. And as always, make sure to follow Elevation Polish via her bloginstagram, or facebook for information on new releases and news. Since I am dumb and thought today was the 7th when it is actually the 8th, these polishes are already available! As of the time of my writing this blog post, the only one currently out of stock is Empress Chabi, but it will be restocked on the 22nd, so no worries!


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