Great Lakes Lacquer – The Friend Collection, Part 1 + July LEs

*polishes in this post were provided for unbiased review*


Hi you guys! Today I’ve got a sneak peak of a brand new indie polish line, Great Lakes Lacquer! My friend Mariah has been working on this collection for a while, and I was so excited to see all of the gorgeous polishes she has come up with. Her hard work has definitely paid off! Also, I wanted to say up front that I might be *slightly* biased color-wise about one color(The Fashion Artist), as it is one that is kinda inspired by me, but I promise that won’t carry over into my review of the formula/application/etc!


Up first is Soul Sister. This polish is a pink-leaning bright red with a violet/pink shimmer and a holo finish. I love these kinds of pinkish reds! I had no issues with the formula, and the photos below show 2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite.

“She’s the one that you call your wife. She gets you. She’s the yin to your yang, the reason to your crazy, the calm to your chaos. She makes life better by just being her and you miss her all the time when she isn’t around. Her kids are your kids and vice versa. Even if life has separated you for awhile, that relationship is there, always there. Being the rock to my wave, I hope you all have one of these too.”

Up next is The Quick-Witted Comedian, a teal green filled with silver/green shimmer, some purple/blue flakes, and a bit of a holo finish! Teals and blues always end up being my favorites, and this one is no exception. I love this shade of teal, and the flakes really give it a nice touch. Again, no issues with the formula. Photos below show 2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite.

“This friend is always punny (see, I can do it too). She’s always the first to come up with a twisted response or to shed some laughter on the mundane. She could probably do stand up if she really wanted to but things in life just haven’t rolled that way for her. Her sunny disposition makes you wonder if maybe the clouds don’t have silver linings after all. Did I mention she’s as curious as a cat? Maybe her nine lives are the reason she’s so happy.”


The Triathlon Trainer is a deep blue jelly packed with aqua, green, and gold shimmer, and finished off with some multichrome flakes. Another stunner! The formula on this one was good, it’s not as opaque as the others though so you might need more coats for full coverage. The photos below show 3 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite.

“The athletic. She’s as active as you can get and sometimes, it annoys the crap out of you. Why can’t I have that kind of energy or drive? Haha. This lady runs and walks and runs some more. But her favorite is swimming. Her love of water really is apparent. Her scuba dives are awesome. She’s even swum with a Whale Shark. I’m eating my own heart out thinking about it.”


Next up is Krazzzzie Fast Fingered Gamer Girl, a super bright turquoise filled with a gorgeous pinkish/purplish shimmer. This one leans a bit greener in photos than it appears in real life, but it’s still definitely a bright green-leaning teal. The formula is a tiny bit thicker than the others, but it didn’t cause any problems with application or drying time/etc. This is myyyy kind of teal, for reals! Love love love it. The photos below show 2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite.

“This lady is the one you want on your team when you go raiding on WoW or any other role playing game on the net. She’s also a good one to have by your side during nail polish restocks, cuz that girl can snatch anything. She’s also just the sweetest thing on earth (with a bit of attitude on the side) and just a bit shy. Did I mention pretty nails? Gosh yes. Luckily she can deliver the nail polish she enabled you on because she’s krazzie fast.”


The Fashion Artist is a medium blurple filled with an aqua flake shimmer that shifts to pink at times. This polish is 1000000% meeeeeeeee. The color is right up my alley, it’s just perfection in a nail polish bottle! The formula on this one is a bit thicker like Krazzzzie, but again no issues with application or drying time/etc. The hint of pink shimmer in this polish did not want to come out and play in my swatches, but it’s definitely there! Amanda Loves Polish has a great macro shot of it, you can see the pink shift in that if you want to check out her blog post on the collection. The photos below show 2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite. (also, yeah re: the description of this polish, if you follow me or check out my instagram, you will see that I am indeed addicted to Black Milk Clothing and I change my hair color on a near weekly basis, hahahaha)

“Let me tell you, this lady is an artist. And she uses her body as her canvas. From her hair, her nails, down to the clothes she wears. She’s one of those people that stalk all the Black Milk Clothing releases? Yeah, leggings are PANTS! And her hair? She does these crazy melts that look totally awesome and I wish I could rock. Besides that, she does mini Picasso’s on her nails. It’s insane the talent and creativity this lady has.”


Big Lake is one of the July LE polishes, it will only be available until the 31st of this month. It is a deep orangey-red with a golden/red shimmer. This is a gorgeous polish, and a nice change from my usual summer brights. It’s slightly vampy but not too vampy, a great accent polish for a fancy night out on the town! No issues with the formula, the photos below show 2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite.


Sleeping Bear Dunes is another of the July LEs, and it’s an aqua linear holo stuffed with a green sparkle. For some reason, when I put this polish on, I just wanted to go to the beach! This is such a great aqua, and it’s more of a blue-leaning aqua than a green-leaning one. No formula issues whatsoever, the photos below show 2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite.


These colors(and one other LE – ID), will launch tomorrow, July 12th at 3PM EST(Noon PST). The polishes will be available on the Great Lakes Lacquer Etsy Store. Make sure to follow GLL on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with the latest news, sneak peaks, and future releases!




  1. Teals and blues are always my fav too : )

    Oh dear. Triathlon looks like Starry Night! Not Essie’s, but an indie I saw once, which looked like Van Goghs Starry Night background. Haven’t seen it since – this is SO BEAUTIFUL!

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