Elevation Polish – Street Graffiti Collection + When the Cherry Met the Spoon!

*polishes in this post were provided for unbiased review*



Hiiiiii guys! I am so incredibly late with this post, the collection already launched! Whoops. I fiiiinally had a chance to sit down and swatch the collection so, without further ado, here we go!
Up first is the non-collection polish, When the Cherry Met the Spoon. It is a berry red with sparse holographic pigment, ultra chrome flakes, and charcoal flake shimmer. It is super gorgeous! I had no issues with the application on this one(or any of the polishes in this post), and it took 2 coats for it to be opaque. The photos below show 2 coats + top coat.

NYC is a black matte/rubber finished creme with a slight silver micro shimmer. This is suuuch a fantastic black! I love the shimmer in it, it isn’t super in your face but it’s just enough to set it apart from my plethora of other black cremes. The photos below show 2 coats + top coat.

East London is a flakie topper blend of the ultra chrome flake shimmer bits and holographic pigment in a clear base. I really liked how this one popped when I used it over NYC. Photos below show 1 coat East London over NYC + top coat.

Paris is a deep purple/plum medium density holo. A great darker color, and a nice change from the overload of neon things I’ve had lately! Don’t get me wrong, I will love neon everything until the day I die, but I also enjoy a good vampy color in the summer, all the bright sunlight really gives it a chance to shine! You could possibly get away with just 1 coat of this one if you do a thicker coat, but I went with 2 thin coats. Photos below show 2 thin coats + top coat.


Melbourne was one of my favorites of this collection, it’s a medium blue with gold, green, blue, silver micro shimmer, and a slight holographic finish. It really looks spectacular in the sunlight! The photos below show 2 coats + top coat.

The last polish in the collection is LA, a white crelly/jelly with a soft silver pearl shimmer. Like most white polishes, this one takes a bit more of a careful application, but is by no means a difficult polish to work with! I actually found it much easier to use than my typical go to American Apparel white polish. It took 3 fairly thick coats of polish for this one to be opaque for me. Depending on your application, you might be able to get away with 3 coats or you might need 4. The photos below show 3 thick-ish coats + top coat. This one is also fantastic for a nail art base(yes, I actually did some nail art again! what is this craziness! I’ll post it later I promiseeeeee)


You can buy Elevation Polish from the Elevation Polish Bigcartel site! New collections restock on Bigcartel on the 7th of every month at 9PM CST and the 22nd at 9AM CST. For more information on restock times, make sure to check out the Colors + Restock Dates section on the bigcartel site. And as always, make sure to follow Elevation Polish via her bloginstagram, or facebook for information on new releases and news. This collection already restocked since it is after the 7th at the time of me getting this post done, but I just checked and they’re all still in stock on bigcartel! Also, don’t forget that the Yeti’s Healing Vibes charity polish is still for sale and will be throughout the month of June!