Illamasqua – Melange!

Hey guys! I promise I haven’t forgotten about you! I’ve been posting some NOTDs on my instagram, but I hope to get them all up on my blog sometime this week and get things caught back up!


Today I have an Illamasqua polish that I had a friend from the UK bring across the pond for me! As soon as I saw photos of this polish making the rounds on instagram, I knew I neeeeeeeeeeeded it, but the fact that Illamasqua isn’t sold at Sephora anymore and the Illa website shipping can get pricey for international delivery had me debating if I reeeeeally needed this polish. Luckily, a friend was making a trip to the States so I was able to have her pick it up for me in the UK and ship it to me once she got stateside. Anywho. Enough rambling, onto the good stuff!


Melange is what I would call a dusty green-leaning teal, and it is jam packed with tons of multicolor and golden shimmer flakie bits. The photos below are 2 coats + Seche Vite.







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