Pahlish – August in Rio collection!

Aaaaah I am late with this one! If you follow my instagram, you probably saw these swatches earlier this week, but life has kept me busy and I’m only just now getting to writing this bad boy!


The Pahlish August in Rio collection is a gorgeous set of bright polishes(that are ALL black light reactive!!!!!!), and they were the perfect collection to end the summer!

Up first is Petropolis, a bright neon fuchsia/purple with soft blue, purple, and violet flake shimmers. I had no issues with this formula(or any of the formulas in this collection, they were all great), and I loved the flakie bits in it! Photo below is 3 coats + top coat (daylight and black light)



Up next is Prainha Beach, a bright jade green creme with gold metallic shimmer. Again, I loved the flakie bits in combination with the base polish, Shannon at Pahlish has a way with flakie shimmers in polishes! It’s always magic! Photo below is 2 coats + top coat (daylight and black light).




Next we have Jardim Botanico. It’s a deep neon teal base with turquoise and violet flake shimmers. I 100% did not expect this one to be black light reactive, and I especially did not expect it to be the color it glowed! I’ll let you see for yourself! Photos below are 2 coats + top coat (daylight and black light).



(^bright freaking blue, I mean what?!)

Finally, we have my surprise favorite of the collection, Balneario! It’s an intense neon melon jelly packed with gold metallic flake shimmers. It leaned really really orange on my skin tone, and I am usually not a huge fan of oranges but sweet mercy. This polish is just gorgeous. I seriously couldn’t stop staring at how bright my nails were while I was wearing it. And holy batman, under black light it was like a lamp itself with how bright it glowed. I had to turn down one of the settings on my camera so the black light photo wouldn’t just be a neon yellowish orange blur, hahaha. Photos below are 3 coats + top coat (daylight and black light).



To purchase these polishes, please check out the Pahlish bigcartel site. Also worth noting: tonight(August 29th @ 7:00PM CST) is the final restock of this collection! Grab ’em if you want ’em! You can also purchase Pahlish from various international e-tailers listed here. To keep up with the latest colors/news/restocks/etc, make sure to follow Pahlish on Facebook or check out the official blog.


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