Elevation Polish – Italian Collection!

Hi y’all! I have the upcoming August Elevation Polish collection for you guys today, as well as the LE Yeti Polish that will be available for the month of August!


Up first is Ortler, a low-density holographic pink. The formula on this one was great, no issues whatsoever. I really like this particular shade of pink, I don’t think I have anything else similar in my polish collection! Photos below are 2 coats + top coat, one photo in the sun and one photo in the shade.
Ortler Sun

Ortler Shade


Next up is Tre Cime di Lavaredo, an intense gold holographic! Holy holo, y’all . This is some gold goodness right here! Again, no formula issues. The photos below are 2 coats + top coat, one photo in the sun and one in the shade.
Tre Cime di Lavaredo Sun

Tre Cime di Lavaredo shade


Antelao is a deep blurple-y creme, and it was a PITA to photograph! No matter what I tried, it always leaned more blue in photos than purple. It definitely has more of a purple tone than the photo shows. No issue with this formula either. Photo below is 2 coats + top coat.



My faaaaavorite of this collection is this next one, Storms of Marmolada. It is a dark charcoal crelly loaded with silver, light blue, and lavender glitter(much like the original Marmolada; I will post a comparison of the two later tonight or tomorrow on my instagram!). I. Love. This. Polish. No formula issues, it is a bit thicker than the others but that is because of all the glitter I would assume. Photo below is 3 coats + top coat.

Storms of Marmolada


And the LE Yeti for this collection! Can’t forget about Yeti!  This is Con Tanto Affetto, Yeti. It’s a glitter topper full of black, white, ice blue, and turquoise glitter, as well as white and ice blue hearts and a slight holographic shimmer. No formula issues, and the glitter payoff was great! I did have to fish a few of the hearts out, but that took maybe two swipes into the bottle to get them, there are plenty in there! I wasn’t able to capture the holo-ness of it, the rain had already started at that point, sad day.  Photo below is 1 coat of CTA, Yeti over Antelao + top coat.

Con Tanto Affetto, Yeti


You can buy Elevation Polish from the Elevation Polish Bigcartel site or Llarowe! Restocks on Bigcartel happen on the 7th of every month at 9PM CST and the 22nd at 9AM CST. For more information on restock times, make sure to check out the Colors + Restock Dates section on the bigcartel site. And as always, make sure to follow Elevation Polish via her blog or on instagram for information on new releases and news.




*products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*


Chaos & Crocodiles: Secret Agent Collection nail art!

Hi guys! Today I have some nail art that I did with the most recent Chaos & Crocodiles collection. I will have full, proper swatches of this whole collection this weekend, but until then I just had to share this rainbow gradient I did with most of the colors!

Polishes used(top to bottom): Security Breach, Interrogation, Subterfuge, Night Vision, Cipher (also the bottle I’m holding), Sleeper Cell, Reconnaissance, and Protocol.



Polish Revolution – The Literary Waste Land Collection!

Hi guys! I have swatches of the new Polish Revolution summer collection for you today! It is called The Literary Waste Land, and it was inspired by the poem The Waste Land by TS Eliot. It’s a long but great work, I read it before I did my swatches of these polishes! Check it out if y’all get the chance/like poetry/etc. Now on with the swatches!


Up first is What the Thunder Said. It is a black jelly base with black and navy holographic circle glitter, hot pink/lavender/iridescent glitter and blue flakes. This one was a PITA to photograph, the glitter did not want to show up as brightly as it is on the nail when it came to the photos. Other than being a pain to photograph, it was a great polish! No issues with the formula or getting any of the circle glitter on the mani. Photo below is 3 coats + top coat.



Next up is The Fire Sermon. It has a black jelly base with orange and red holographic glitter, iridescent squares, and orange microflakes. The oranges and reds in this one really make it pop and work really well with the black jelly base! I think the tiny red glitter bits are my favorite, I just love how much they sparkle.  Again no issues with formula, photo below is 3 coats + top coat.



The Hyacinth Girl is a clear based glitter topper featuring a mix of lavender, lilac, iridescent and green glitter, along with micro flakes in the palest shade of lavender. I couldn’t decide what color to swatch it over, so I went for two of my favorites that I thought it would look good with(Elevation Polish Tronador and Ceram Sea). No issues with formula, photo below is 2 coats over base colors + top coat.


Unreal City is a lavender-grey crelly with grey flakes, grey microglitter, and turquoise, orange and gray matte glitter. This is one of my favorites of the collection. I love the look of the orange and turquoise glitter together! Great formula again, no issues, photo below was 3 coats + top coat.



And last but certainly not least, we have At the Violet Hour. It is a purple crelly loaded with green holographic glitter, lavender and iridescent microglitter, and microflakes in various colors. I. Love. This. Polish. On its own, it took 3 coats to get rid of my VNL(I’m not a huge fan of VNL with polishes), you could probably get it opaque if you did two thick coats, but my first coat was pretty thin. What blows me away with this polish though, is how pretty it is when layered over another color. The middle two fingers in this swatch have it layered over Elevation Polish – Thracian Sea. The flakie bits really stand out when it is layered over the dark base. Photo below is 3 coats on its own and 1 coat layered over base polish + top coat on all.



This collection is live in Polish Revolution’s Etsy Store right now! To keep up with the latest news and info regarding current/past/future polishes, make sure to check out the Polish Revolution Facebook page or follow @polishrevolution on instagram!



*polishes in this post were sent to me for my unbiased review*

Asa-no-ha nail art!

I tooootally forgot to post this one on here last week! I put it on my instagram and then it got left and forgotten about in my to blog folder on my laptop. Whoopsie.  Anywho. I used ladycrappo’s asa-no-ha tutorial for this one! It was tedious but I love how it turned out.


Polishes used: Pahlish – Foolish Fire, Pahlish – Lady of Raynham Hall(accent nail), acrylic paint for the turquoise lines(and Foolish Fire was used for the dots on the accent nail)



Loch Ness Monster nail art!

Hi y’all! I finally feel like i’m getting back into my nail art groove, so yay for that. I had been feeling a bit stuck and couldn’t come up with something to do over Pahlish – Ghost Lights, so I asked my friend Molly to give me a suggestion. She said the Loch Ness Monster, and this is what happened!


Polishes used: Pahlish – Ghost Lights, acrylic paints.


Pahlish – Midsummer Bonfires Collection!

Hi guys! Woooooooooooooo I am finally(almost) finished moving, and this new Pahlish summer collection was the first nail mail I got at my new house, so I wanted to take a break between the unpacking of boxes and share these swatches with y’all! This new collection is so so pretty, definitely lots of good bases for some future nail art!


Up first is Rosa Canina, a soft coral creme with scattered rose-gold shimmer and a mix of metallic turquoise glitters. I love coral and turquoise paired together, I think it always works so well! No issues with the formula, photo below is 2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite.



Next up is Will-o-the-wisp! It is a bright lavender creme with a mix of lavender, gold, taupe, and neon purple flake shimmers. The flakes in this one didn’t want to cooperate with my camera, they are a bit more apparent in person, but still gorgeous either way! This shade of purple is also probably one of my top purples. Photo below is 2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite.



Foolish Fire is a vivid neon coral cream with soft blue and golden red shimmer. It has a rubbery-matte finish naturally, but for my photo below, I added top coat(personal preference, but it is beautiful either way!). I don’t know when it happened, but sometime in the last year-ish, I went from disliking coral tones to buying nearly every coral polish I could get my hands on, and this one was no exception, I had to have it! Photo below is 2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite.



Midsummer Skies is a bright sky blue creme with a mix of copper and turquoise blue flakes. It was one of my favorites of this collection! The copper flakes are what do it for me, I just love them in this color scheme! Photo below is 2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite.



My favorite of the collection, Ghost Lights, is a bright turquoise teal creme with soft blue shimmer and turquoise blue flakes. It is a tiiiiny bit more of a green-leaning teal/turquoise than my photo shows, it kept wanting to photograph more blue than it actually was. Wear on this one has been great, I’ve had it on since doing the swatch photos early Monday morning, it’s survived a shower AND doing the dishes with only minor tipwear(that I covered with some nail art, I’ll post that tomorrow!). Photo below is 2 coats + 1 coat Seche Vite.



To purchase these polishes, please check out the Pahlish bigcartel site. You can also purchase Pahlish from various international e-tailers listed here. To keep up with the latest colors/news/restocks/etc, make sure to follow Pahlish on Facebook or check out the official blog.