Sunday Spam: Nail Art edition!

Hi guys! I’ve got a bit of a bad habit of posting some of my nail art posts on instagram and tumblr, but then forgetting to blog them! So this is a collection of various nail art manis that I have done over the past month or so(apologies if you follow me on IG and Tumblr and you’ve already seen them!)


Valar Morghulis(did these for the Game of Thrones finale last weekend, acrylic paint over Elevation Polish – Thracian Sea)



Loose triangle glitter over Elevation Polish – Atop a Ferris Wheel



Elevation Polish – Base of Huangshan and Sample GGM#5 gradient over Weddell Sea, and then tiny chevron stripes drawn on as an accent.


Moroccan print over Crows Toes – Indian Summer


Galaxy nails using Scofflaw Varnish – Love Letter to Ziggy Pop as the base


The base color was Pahlish – Romance, but the rainbow gradient/splatter was done with acrylic paint, and then I topped it off with Enchanted Polish – Seven Nation Army

enchanted rainbow splatter

Elevation Polish – Puncak Jaya and some acrylic paint clouds




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