Elevation Polish for the July 2014 A Box Indied!

Hi guys! Today I have a sneak peek of Elevation Polish – Atop a Ferris Wheel. This polish will exclusively be available in the July 2014 ‘A Box Indied’ from Llarowe. The theme for this box is “A Fair To Remember”, a celebration of state fairs! I haven’t been to a fair since I moved away from Kentucky, but growing up there and going to both the local county fair and then Kentucky State Fair was always a blast.


Atop a Ferris Wheel is a light periwinkle/steel blue-ish polish with a multicolored microflake and shimmer. The shimmer and flakie bits were being a pain in regard to showing up in my photos, that is why the last photo is a bit blurry, it showed the colors of the shimmer a bit better.

Up close bottle shot:



Photos below are 2 coats of Atop a Ferris Wheel + 1 coat of Seche Vite.




‘A Box Indied’ is available exclusively at Llarowe, and you can follow the Llarowe facebook page for any updates and information about availability!


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