30 Day Challenge: Catch Up Edition – Inspired by a Photograph(sort of)!

So this one is a bit of a stretch, as I wasn’t inspired by just one photo per se, it was more an hour of google image searching for various photos of an octopus, and then taking bits I liked/could paint from each one. So yeah. I’m really just trying to finish this dang challenge before May is over, hahahaha.  Base polish is Elevation Polish – Sample HOM#8, and the octopus was done with acrylic paints.




Make sure to check out what the other bloggers have done for this theme, and if you want to participate yourself just add your link to the linkup below! 



    • Thanks! I used a tiny tiny tiny tiny brush and basically stippled the colors across the body of the octopus. I also used a light purple metallic acrylic paint that i mixed in with the dark purple to give it that pearly sheen. When I am done with work for the day, I will check my phone and see if I took any good progress pics that show what I mean.

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