30 Day Challenge Inlinkz URLS

So this is another quick challenge-related post! Below I will be posting a masterlist of the InLinkz URLs for each day of the challenge. They’ll also be posted in the corresponding day posts that I make, but I wanted to put this up in case you guys are more productive than I am and get your posts up before I do each day, hahaha! The link on the left is the direct link to the challenge page, and it is where you can add your post to the Link Up. The Widget Code on the right of each section is the link to get the widget plugin for each day for your blog posts. I hope this isn’t too complicated, if you guys have any questions feel free to leave a comment or email me via my contact form, I will try to explain it as best I can!


Day 1 – Favorite Creme Polish / Widget Code
Day 2 – Favorite Glitter Polish / Widget Code
Day 3 – Textured Polish / Widget Code
Day 4 – Holographic Polish / Widget Code
Day 5 – Primary Colors(Red/Blue/Yellow) / Widget Code 
Day 6 – Secondary Colors(Purple/Green/Orange) / Widget Code
Day 7 – Complementary Colors(Purple and Yellow, Green and Red, Orange and Blue) / Widget Code
Day 8 – Shades of Grey / Widget Code
Day 9 – Rainbow / Widget Code
Day 10 – Gradient / Widget Code
Day 11 – Tape Mani / Widget Code
Day 12 – Ruffian/Half-Moon/Tips(pick whichever you prefer!) / Widget Code
Day 13 – Negative Space / Widget Code
Day 14 – Studs/Loose Glitter(again, pick whichever you prefer. or both!) / Widget Code
Day 15 – Splatter Paint / Widget Code
Day 16 – Food / Widget Code
Day 17 – Brand Challenge(pick 3 or more polishes to use all from the same brand. Brand choice is up to you!) / Widget Code
Day 18 – Flowers/Floral Print / Widget Code
Day 19 – Distressed Nails / Widget Code
Day 20 – Easter/High Times / Widget Code
Day 21 – The Weather / Widget Code
Day 22 – Match your nails to your drink! / Widget Code
Day 23 – Inspired by a CD Cover / Widget Code
Day 24 – Inspired by your favorite Children’s Book / Widget Code
Day 25 – Inspired by a Villain / Widget Code
Day 26 – Inspired by the 90s / Widget Code
Day 27 – Inspired by a Photograph / Widget Code
Day 28 – Inspired by a Video Game(or Board Game) / Widget Code
Day 29 – Inspired by a TV Show / Widget Code
Day 30 – Inspired by something that makes you happy! / Widget Code




April Nail Art Challenge!

Hi guys!  Sorry for my lack of posting lately. I am still in a bit of a nail art funk if you can’t tell.  To get myself out of it, I decided to come up with my own 30 Day Challenge! With help from my Nail Polish Brain Trust(aka Ida and K), we came up with 30 days of themes! The ones that have multiple options separated by a slash, you can do either or with those, I just couldn’t narrow it down hahaha. I will be making an Inlinkz board for each day of the challenge if anyone wants to join in, you can post your blog links and use the Inlinkz widget on your own blog(it is the same widget/website that was used for the 31 Day Challenge last year).


I’ll also be posting on Instagram and Tumblr, so if you want to join in on those platforms, just use the hashtag #getnailedwithdani!


This will start on Tuesday, April 1st!



Veronica Mars nail art!

This late night post is brought to you by my extreme excitement for the Veronica Mars movie, and the fact that I do not plan on sleeping until I get my Kickstarter backer email with the movie download link so I can WATCH IT TONIGHT. Who needs sleep anyway?  Anywho, not much else to say, this one was inspired by the Neptune High School Pirates mascot/logo from the Veronica Mars universe.

Polishes used: Elevation Polish – Torres del Paine, acrylic paints(yellow, black, white, green)

Neptune Pirates!

Koi fish nail art!

Not much to say, just wanted to update with a quick photo of some nail art I did last night! I am really pleased with how these turned out, especially because the fish were looking rough for the first billion layers of paint before they finally came together, hahaha. At one point I had the fish painted all orange, and then all white, and then added more orange on, then more white, then some black, and finally realized they looked good as is and that I needed to stop messing with them.

Polishes used: Elevation Polish – Puncak Jaya, acrylic paints(neon orange, light orange, white, vanilla, and black)