Elevation Polish comparison post!

Hi guys! I will have the full Patagonia collection up on the blog tomorrow, but for now I wanted to share some quick comparison photos! Cerro Torre was an older Elevation nude that was retired at some point last year, and  Cerro Torre 2 is from the new Patagonia collection. They are quite similar in the sunlight, but I can tell more of a difference between the two when I am indoors or using the flash on my camera.


At first I tried swatching them every other nail, but the color difference is subtle enough that I couldn’t tell which was which in my photos. I ended up doing each nail half and half with the two polishes, it made it easier to see the differences between them.  For both photos below, the original Cerro Torre is on the left side of my nail, and Cerro Torre 2 is on the right side. I labeled it on the photos as well to help avoid confusion.


Overall, I would say that the original Cerro Torre is just a tiiiiny smidge more on the grey/beige side, while Cerro Torre 2 is more of a true nude.

Cerro Torre Comparison flash


Cerro Torre Comparison Sun


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