Melting Rainbow nail art!

So I had asked my friends K and Ida what I should do for some nail art today because my inspiration has run dry. They threw a bunch of suggestions at me and rainbow was the one that stuck! This is the end result: melty neon rainbows! I am so pleased with how these turned out, I only used 4 neon paints and just blended them together like crazy.


Polish used: Colors by Llarowe – Beat It, various neon acrylic paints(plus white paint for the base drips and black to outline the finished product)


Rainbow drip


Neon Plaid nail art!

Hi guys!  Plumber saga is still ongoing(there’s an update on my Instagram if you’re really interested, hahaha), so I haven’t really been feeling the desire to do nail art with my room still a disaster zone. Today though, I decided to channel my anger into some tedious lines for some nail art! I love love love how it turned out, definitely made my day a bit better. I used a tutorial from @jamylyn_nails on instagram. Y’all should all follow her if you’re not already, her nail art is insaaaaanely awesome.


Polishes used: Elevation Polish – Cuernos del Paine, acrylic paints.

plaid nails

Elevation Polish: Patagonia Collection

Hi guys! So sorry this post didn’t make it up sooner, I’ve been doing some last minute extreme cleaning after my plumber told me he would have to cut out a wall in my bedroom closet(it’s whatever though, I want ding dang hot water back), I never got around to actually writing up this post. This collection is yet another stunner from Elevation!


Up first we have Cerro Torre 2, a nude creme. You sort of saw this one in my last post where I compared it to the original Cerro Torre. The original is my go-to nude, so needless to say I love this one! Formula was fantastic, no issues whatsoever. The photo below is 2 coats + top coat.

Cerro Torre 2



Next up we have Cuernos del Paine. This one is what I would almost describe as a neon pastel green. Formula for this one was great as well! I love love love this color, it will definitely be a go to for spring.

Cuernos del Paine



According to Elevation Polish, Tronador is a “dark grape purple, leans a little navy it has pink and gold flake shimmer which is more apparent in the bottle than on the nail.” It is also noted that it is a thicker formula polish, and it is. I had no issues with application though, even though it is a tad thicker than the rest of the collection. The photo below is 2 coats + top coat.




Finally we have my personal faaavorite of the collection, Aguja St. Exupery! This one is a “holographic shimmer topper. Includes holographic pigment, charcoal flake shimmer, pink flake shimmer, and gold flake shimmer. ” Hooooly moly you guys. The holo is a nice touch, and the flake shimmer business makes it absolutely stunning in the shade/indirect light as well! The first photo below is in the sunlight to show off the holo goodness, and the second is in the shade so you can see the flakie bits. Both photos show one coat of Aguja St. Exupery over Elevation Polish – Jengish Chokusu.

Aguja St. ExuperyAguja St. Exupery Shade



You can buy Elevation Polish from the Elevation Polish Bigcartel site or Llarowe! Restocks usually happen on the 7th of every month at 9PM CST and the 22nd at 9AM CST. For more information on restock times, make sure to check out the Colors + Restock Dates section on the bigcartel site. And as always, make sure to follow Elevation Polish via her blog or on instagram for information on new releases and news.


*products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*


Elevation Polish comparison post!

Hi guys! I will have the full Patagonia collection up on the blog tomorrow, but for now I wanted to share some quick comparison photos! Cerro Torre was an older Elevation nude that was retired at some point last year, and  Cerro Torre 2 is from the new Patagonia collection. They are quite similar in the sunlight, but I can tell more of a difference between the two when I am indoors or using the flash on my camera.


At first I tried swatching them every other nail, but the color difference is subtle enough that I couldn’t tell which was which in my photos. I ended up doing each nail half and half with the two polishes, it made it easier to see the differences between them.  For both photos below, the original Cerro Torre is on the left side of my nail, and Cerro Torre 2 is on the right side. I labeled it on the photos as well to help avoid confusion.


Overall, I would say that the original Cerro Torre is just a tiiiiny smidge more on the grey/beige side, while Cerro Torre 2 is more of a true nude.

Cerro Torre Comparison flash


Cerro Torre Comparison Sun

Superbowl Sunday mani!

Wooooo Superbowl Sunday! Or as I like to call it, that 4 and a half hour commercial special with a bit of football in the middle.


(yes I chose to support the Seahawks based on their team colors. sorry not sorry, hahahaha)


Polishes used: Pahlish – The Ghost Shift, Elevation Polish – Darkest Storm, Smitten Polish – Electric Lime, and acrylic paint for the Seahawks logo.