Scofflaw Nail Varnish – I am the Narwhal(plus some narwhal nail art!)

Ok so I lied on my last post. I said I was just gonna stick to swatching until the nails on my left hand were long and pretty again, but then my 3AM nail art bug struck last night, nubbins be damned!


According to Scofflaw’s website, I am the Narwhal is “an icy silver blue shimmer polish. It has steely silver highlights and is filled with small glitters of silver and turquoise”. I love it! It is such a pretty, pale shade of blue, and the shimmer really makes it stunning.

Scofflaw - I am the Narwhal




And let’s face it, when you’re using a polish called I am the Narwhal, you just need a narwhal on your nails to make it perfect! Ignore the nubbinized nails, originally I kept them all long except for the ring finger one that broke, but the uneven nails were bothering me more than the one broken one, so I filed them all down.  If only they would grow faster! Narwhal was done using various mixes of black and white acrylic paint.



Scofflaw Nail Varnish can be purchased from Big Cartel(US only shipping), Llarowe, and Femme Fatale.  To keep up to date with new releases/restock information, make sure to follow Scofflaw on Facebook and check out the Scofflaw website!




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