Pahlish – Doctor Who collection part 1!

Hi everyone! I fiiiiinally made some time to swatch all of my Pahlish “All of Time and Space” collection part 1(part 2 is going to be released on Feb. 7th), and they definitely do not disappoint! I also didn’t have much luck with getting photos while it was sunny, most of today was lost in the clouds but at least it wasn’t raining, so yay for that. Onto the swatches!

First up we have Bad Wolf. According to Pahlish, this is a “soft mushroom taupe creme loaded with reddish violet shimmer and flakes.” I really like this one! It’s a great nude, I am a sucker for polishes in this general color family, especially if they have an added shimmer or flake like this. The photo below is 2 coats + top coat.

Bad Wolf

Next up is Forest of the Dead. This is a “deep green jelly base packed with coppery metallic flakes and bright green duochrome shimmer.”  This is probably my favorite of the group, I can’t get over this shimmery business. Photo below is 2 coats + top coat.

Forest of the Dead

Lullaby without end is a “vivid coral red jelly that leans pink with soft shimmer and blue metallic glitter accented with iridescent orange hex.” I just love the glitter combo in this base! It’s different and I love it. It kiiinda makes me want to do some wonder woman nail art over it, but that will have to happen another time. The photo below is 3 coats + top coat.

Lullaby Without End

Mad Man With a Box is probably my second favorite of this collection, it is one I snagged when it was a preview sale on Black Friday. It is a “smokey navy blue jelly loaded with metallic gold flakes and blue glass-fleck shimmer.” Photo below is 2 coats + top coat.

Mad Man With a Box

So Not Married is a “deep black jelly base packed with intense red shimmer and rich gold flakes.” I love love love the color shiftiness(is that a word? I am guessing it is a word because I did not get an angry red line) of this one! It’s not as apparent in photos as it is in person(although it is a bit more obvious in bottle photos, I posted one on my instagram if you follow me on there). Photo below is 2 thick coats + top coat.

So Not Married!

The Ghost Shift is a “darkened silver holographic with gunmetal grey and iridescent purple microflakes that pop out in lower lighting, while the holographic effect is stronger in bright lighting.” This photo is from last week because I was having no luck getting the sun to come out and stay out today, so that is why my nails are a bit shorter in this one hahaha. Another stunner from the collection, this photo is 2 coats + top coat.

The Ghost Shift

The final polishes in part 1 of the Pahlish “All of Time and Space” collection are the January duo. Eleven’s Hour is Over Now is a “dark charcoal grey packed with iridescent flakes in a rainbow of colors accented by soft silvery shimmer”, and The Clock is Striking Twelve’s is a “clear topcoat with a mix of gunmetal and holographic gunmetal glitters accented by small black hex and small matte gray squares with a dose of iridescent rainbow flakes”. I love this duo! If you want it, you should hurry over to the Pahlish bigcartel website(link at the bottom of this post)! There are not many duos left(as of this being posted at 6PMish EST 01/31) and I believe that the restock last week was the last time it will be stocked.

Eleven’s Hour is Over Now, 2 coats + top coat.

Eleven's Hour is Over Now

The Clock is Striking Twleve’s, 1 coat over Eleven’s Hour is Over Now + top coat.

The Clock is Striking Twelve's

To purchase these polishes, please check out the Pahlish bigcartel site. You can also purchase Pahlish from various international e-tailers listed here. To keep up with the latest colors/news/restocks/etc, make sure to follow Pahlish on Facebook or check out the official blog.


Jellyfish nail art!

Hi guys! With all the talk of the new FP flakies, I have been wanting to bust my old ones out since they’ve been gathering dust in a drawer for a while(no idea what happened to the label! I guess I might have spilled acetone on it the last time I had it out of the drawer, who knows). The new ones don’t look as exciting or bright as this round of flakies were, but let’s not kid–I am addicted to all things flakie, so I’ll probably buy them anyway. Also, my left hand nails are fiiiiinally back to almost pre-breakage glory, AND I managed to finally do some jellyfish nail art that I didn’t hate! I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have started and then abandoned an attempt at a jellyfish on my nails. I might add another one to another nail so that I can do a step by step photo guide, but that depends on how lazy I plan on being between now and the Sleepy Hollow season finale tonight, hahahaha.


Polishes used: Elevation Polish – Pic de Sotllo, Finger Paints – Flecked, acrylic paints for the jellyfish.


Birthday Glitter!

Wooooooo happy birthday to me! I wanted to post this really quick, I’m getting ready to go out for lunch(bring on the sushiiiii).


I debated on some kind of birthday nail art-y business, but never could settle on one specific thing so instead I went glitter crazy. I recently ordered a bunch of loose glitter from the Born Pretty Store, and I figured this was the perfect time to bust it out. Plus it matches the outfit I plan on wearing out this weekend! The only downside is that there is glitter everywhereeeeeee. Never gonna get rid of it all. I woke up this morning and there was a piece of glitter on my FACE(I did these nails in the wee hours of the night last night like always).

Polish used: Elevation Polish – Sample IND #13 and a metric fuckton of loose glitter.

Birthday glitter

Elevation Polish – Heights of Hawaii collection!

Hi everyone! Today I have a preview of the new Elevation Polish collection, Heights of Hawaii.  Overall, this is another stunner of a collection from Elevation. There is even a polish that glows in the dark! (and you all know how much I love GITD nail polish, hahaha)


Up first we have Pa’ako. According to Elevation, this one is a soft pink creme, and it may lean a bit nude on some skin tones. I really like this color! It reminds me of a creme version of Mount Augustus(another Elevation that had shimmery bits and stuff). As usual with Elevation Polish cremes, the formula was fantastic, no issues during application. The photo below is 2 coats + seche vite.



Next up is Haleakala! This one is a Wine/Purple/Red Holographic with very light gold shimmer. Again with the gorgeous factor! The holo isn’t too overpowering, and it is a beautiful plum/wine purple. This was a fun adventure, the sun has been mostly behind clouds today. I painted my nails with this polish and then waited about an hour to get some decent sunlight. Photo below is 2 coats, no top coat.



The glitter topper of the collection is called Plumeria. It is a multicolored mix of circle glitter in various sizes, all in a clear base with a blue shimmer. The shimmer is pretty in person, but it would not pick up in photos for some reason.  On the purchasing page for this polish, Elevation leaves some application tips that I found came in handy: “To achieve more glitter per nail, dunk brush in polish, swipe brush on the inside neck of the bottle, grab the circle glitters from the inside neck and apply directly to the nail.” That method definitely worked for me!  Photo below is one-ish coats of Plumeria(I say one-ish because I cleaned off the brush, swiped it over the nail once to get the blue shimmer down, and then went back and added glitters here and there with the brush). Pointer to pinky, the polishes I layered it over are: American Apparel – Hassid, Elevation Polish – Pic de Sotllo, Elevation Polish – Jengish Chokusu, and American Apparel – Palm Springs.



And finally, we have my favorite of the collection: Silver Sword!  Mmmm this polish. According to the Elevation website, this polish is a “Heavy Silver shimmer, holographic with slight hints of green shimmer. Holographic pigment is low/medium density. The holographic flair isn’t strong. This polish softly glows in the dark.” I absolutely love the slight holo to it, and YES GLOW IN THE DARK. The photos below are 3 coats + seche vite. First photo is in the sunlight, second is after charging the polish under my black light for 30-45 seconds and then turning out the lights.

Silver Sword

Silver Sword glow


This collection will be available on January 14th at 9PM CST. As I mentioned in the December Fan Collection post, due to an injury, there was no restock on the 7th this month, it was postponed to the 14th.

You can buy Elevation Polish from the Elevation Polish Bigcartel site or Llarowe! Restocks usually happen on the 7th of every month at 9PM CST and the 22nd at 9AM CST. For more information on restock times, make sure to check out the Colors + Restock Dates section on the bigcartel site. And as always, make sure to follow Elevation Polish via her blog or on instagram for information on new releases and news.


*products in this post were sent to me for unbiased review*

Scofflaw Nail Varnish – I am the Narwhal(plus some narwhal nail art!)

Ok so I lied on my last post. I said I was just gonna stick to swatching until the nails on my left hand were long and pretty again, but then my 3AM nail art bug struck last night, nubbins be damned!


According to Scofflaw’s website, I am the Narwhal is “an icy silver blue shimmer polish. It has steely silver highlights and is filled with small glitters of silver and turquoise”. I love it! It is such a pretty, pale shade of blue, and the shimmer really makes it stunning.

Scofflaw - I am the Narwhal




And let’s face it, when you’re using a polish called I am the Narwhal, you just need a narwhal on your nails to make it perfect! Ignore the nubbinized nails, originally I kept them all long except for the ring finger one that broke, but the uneven nails were bothering me more than the one broken one, so I filed them all down.  If only they would grow faster! Narwhal was done using various mixes of black and white acrylic paint.



Scofflaw Nail Varnish can be purchased from Big Cartel(US only shipping), Llarowe, and Femme Fatale.  To keep up to date with new releases/restock information, make sure to follow Scofflaw on Facebook and check out the Scofflaw website!


Elevation Polish – December Fan Collection!

Hi guys! Sorry for the long absence again. I broke one of my nails on my left hand pretty bad on New Year’s Eve, and I’ve just been kind of sulking about it(it’s silly I know, but I haven’t broken a nail in MONTHSSSSSSS. all that hard work to keep them nice and long and pretty has gone to waste). Well time for sulking is over, but until my left hand nails are back to their nice, pretty former glory, I will be doing my swatching with my right hand. Unfortunately that means no nail art outside of gradients, because my ability to paint with my left hand is barely steady enough to paint my nails without making a mess, let alone adding detail and stuff, hahaha.  Anywho. On with the swatches!

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