Blue Galaxy Nails

Hi guys! Bit of a late post again, I went on a bit of a baking spree today and forgot to put this together before I started. On the other hand, if anybody is in need of a few dozen cookies, hit me up(or else I will eat them all and I do not want that to happen. Must pawn some off on the neighbors).  I’ve seen a few galaxy manicures around that used a royal blue as a base, but i’d never tried it myself until today. I love how it ended up! I used a billion polishes, some of them you might not be able to tell with as much as I blended them around, but they really were used, hahaha!


(technically this isn’t directly Doctor Who related, but galaxy nails are close enough? right?)


Polishes used: Elevation Polish – Pic de Sotllo(base), Zoya – Song, a teal franken, Color Club – Pucci-licious, Elevation Polish – Higravstinden, Innisfree – 96, a random white nail art striper, and an Elevation Polish custom – Ice Storm.


blue galaxy



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