Halloween Nails round 3: Spiderwebs!

Mooooore halloween nail art! I can’t stop. I didn’t just use paint this time though, I busted out some office supplies, hahaha. I have one of those decorative hole punch things that creates little shaped confetti, and this specific one does little spider shapes. I painted a piece of scotch tape with some nail polish and top coat, let it dry forever(seriously if it isn’t compleeeeeeetely dry, it will clog up your punch thingamajigg and is just a general pain in the ass), and used the hole punch to get the little spider shaped nail polish tape. I just stuck that on my nail, outlined it with black polish using a detail brush, and topped it with top coat. I then used my black nail art striper polish to draw the webs.


Polishes used: Color Club – Pucci-licious, OPI – A Woman’s Prague-ative, black nail art striper


Halloween Spider


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