Candy Corn!

I looooathe candy corn. Loathe.


That being said, it certainly does go with the whole halloween feel of things this month, so I’ve done some candy corn nail art(aka the only acceptable form of candy corn in my opinion)!

I used this gorgeous Pahlish – Grape Crush as a base color(won from the lovely Ida of Ida Nails It in one of her recent giveaways), and acrylic paint for the candy corns.


candy corn nail art




Bring it on, Halloweeeeeeeeeennnnnnnn. If you need me, I’ll just be over here, covering everything with black glitter and spiderwebs and fake spiders and purple christmas lights and omg I can’t stop.  I LOVE HALLOWEEN.


That is all.



  1. So cute! I feel likewise about the candy corn – it’s so cute and makes for great mani inspiration, but gawd, total cloying nastiness. And I felt that way before my husband brought home a giant bag of berry-flavoured candy corn (oh, gag.)

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