Sleepy Hollow nail art

Whooooooops. I thought I’d set this to post yesterday, and then I got really busy and forgot to check. Still learning the ropes of this blogging business, y’all.

Anywho. Late monday night, I ended up doing some Sleepy Hollow themed nail art because I am kind of in love with the beautiful, beautiful man playing Ichabod Crane that show. This was based on a clip from the opening titles, and it is kinda spooky/halloween-y, which fits with the time of the year.

Polishes used: Joe Fresh – Denim, OPI – My Pointe Exactly, CND – Brilliant White, and acrylic paint.

To get the foggy look behind the nails, I alternated with the OPI and the CND, both sponging them on and using saran wrap.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 7.09.00 PM sleepy hollow



Would you guys rather see more plain polish swatches or more nail art? I’m on a bit of a low buy right now and I’m trying to not just go through my old polish stash and swatch everything for the blog, especially since a lot of the polishes are older/not for sale any longer, hence the continuation of nail art after I finished the 31 day challenge.



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