Colors by Llarowe: Behead the Drama Queen and Purple Rain

Hi guys! I’m baaaaack.  I definitely enjoyed my few days of break from nail art and stuff, but I also must say that I’ve missed it a bit! I’ve had quite a few people ask me for a tutorial on the Harry Potter castle nails, so I am going to try to get that done sometime this weekend. If there are any other nail art things that I’ve done that you guys would like a photo tutorial on, please let me know!

Anywho. Colors by Llarowe! I’ve used these two a bit in some of my 31 day challenge manis, so you’ve probably seen bits of them already.

CbL Bottle Shot

Purple Rain

According to Llarowe’s website, Purple Rain is a “purple jelly base with intense blue shifting shimmer”. When they say intense shimmer, they mean INTENSE SHIMMER. I love this one so much holy cow. It was a bit of a pain to photograph, I cannot seem to get the full sparkly goodness no matter how I try. The photos below are two coats of polish + top coat, the first photo is in the sun and the second is in the shade.

Purple Rain sun

Purple Rain shade

Behead the Drama Queen!

According to Llarowe, this one is a “deep teal green that shifts navy to purple with hints of sapphire with intense shimmer in sunlight. This polish will dry semi matte and a good top coat is recommended”. Another stunner! Llarowe knows what she’s doing with this shimmer business, for real. For the photos below, I used 2 coats + top coat. The first photo is in the sun and the second is in the shade.

Behead the Drama Queen sun

Behead the Drama Queen shade

I love these two colors together as well, so I decided to see how they would work together as a gradient! I loooooved it in person, but again it was impossible to photograph. If you own these two polishes or plan on buying them, I would definitely suggest pairing them together like this. (also it’s worth noting that Behead the Drama Queen is being retired, so what is in stock at right now is it, so if you want it, go get it before it’s too late!)

CbL Gradient sun(2)

Colors by Llarowe can be purchased from For more information on restock dates and other announcements, make sure to like and check out the Llarowe facebook page!


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  1. I don’t see Purple Rain on their site. It was either discontinued or they changed the name. Either way…I wish I could find out. It is sooooo gorgeous as well as Behead the Drama Queen which is on their site.

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