31 Day Challenge: Day 31 – Honor Nails You Love!

Praiseeeeeee. This challenge is over! It’s been so much fun but, I must say, after this post is done? You will not be seeing my nails for a few days hahaha. I somehow deleted or lost my extra swatch photos that I’d taken throughout the challenge for my future posts, and after 31 days of changing my polish at least once a day, I am leaving these bad boys alone for a bit! We’ll be back to regular swatchapalooza by Thursday or Friday though, so no worries.

For this challenge, as soon as I read the theme I knew who/what mani I wanted to base this on. Basecoat Topcoat on tumblr was one of the first nail art accounts I started following, and literally everything she does just blows my mind. I hope that one day I am as good at the crazy detailed things like she is! The particular mani that inspired me today was part of the get stoned series, her Opal mani. There’s a tutorial on her tumblr for how she did it, but I wanted to put my own spin on it so I used her post as more of an inspiration than a guideline. To get the marble-y look, I used the same water + alcohol + polish method that I did for the turquoise nails yesterday, only I did it with a bunch of colors in between layers of a light grey jelly. I am really happy with how these turned out, definitely going to enjoy staring at them for the next few days!

Polishes used: OPI – My Pointe Exactly, Deborah Lippmann – On The Beach, Deborah Lippmann – Almost Paradise, Deborah Lippmann – Fairy Dust, Deborah Lippmann – Edge of Glory(flakies), China Glaze – Papaya Punch, China Glaze – Pool Party, CND – Brilliant White

31 - Honor nails you love
Make sure to check out the awesome manis that others have come up with for today!



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