Doctor Who phone case and matching mani!

Sorry for the late post today! I finally got my new phone case in the mail this afternoon, and I just had to do my nails to match it!  Aaaaah, the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special is so close, AND YET, STILL SO FAR AWAY!

(is it November 23rd yet?)


Polishes used: Elevation Polish – Cerro Torre(base color), Elevation Polish – Pic de Sotllo(TARDIS base), Nail Pattern Boldness – Bigger on the Inside(TARDIS), thinned acrylic paints for the splatters.


tardis nails




(for anybody that is interested, I got the case on Society6, here.)


Halloween Nails Round 4!

I wanted to keep things simple today, I’ve got a busy next few days and didn’t have the time to do some more nail art last night. I love this combination! It definitely screams Halloween to me and didn’t require me to bust out any paint brushes or acrylic paint, woohoo!


Polishes used: OPI – Tomorrow Never Dies, CrowsToes – Shoot the Butterfly, and Pahlish – Legra; 1956


halloween glitter

Halloween Nails round 3: Spiderwebs!

Mooooore halloween nail art! I can’t stop. I didn’t just use paint this time though, I busted out some office supplies, hahaha. I have one of those decorative hole punch things that creates little shaped confetti, and this specific one does little spider shapes. I painted a piece of scotch tape with some nail polish and top coat, let it dry forever(seriously if it isn’t compleeeeeeetely dry, it will clog up your punch thingamajigg and is just a general pain in the ass), and used the hole punch to get the little spider shaped nail polish tape. I just stuck that on my nail, outlined it with black polish using a detail brush, and topped it with top coat. I then used my black nail art striper polish to draw the webs.


Polishes used: Color Club – Pucci-licious, OPI – A Woman’s Prague-ative, black nail art striper


Halloween Spider

Halloween Nails Round 2: Skull nail art!

Hi everyone! I’m still in the halloween mood over here, so I decided to try my hand at painting a skull.  I was worried about this one because it was one of those that didn’t look right for the longest time, but I am glad I didn’t quit and take it off! After I finished painting the main bit of the skull, I had to give it neon pink glitter teeth. Because everybody needs some neon pink glitter teeth, let’s be real.


Polishes used: Elevation Polish – River Rock, China Glaze – Pool Party(for some of the pink outlines/teeth), acrylic paints.


(Apologies, I never did get a good photo of this one in outdoor lighting, so this one was taken inside with my desk lamp.)

skull nail art

Bloody/zombie nails!

Halloween has certainly snuck up on me again this year! I haven’t decided exactly what I want to dress up as yet, so I’ve been browsing halloween nails to try and come up with something(because yes, I will probably base my costume on however I decide to do my nails, hahaha).


Last October, Pack a Punch Polish did a bloody/ripped flesh tutorial, and I just had to try it out.  I will be completely honest and say that I’m not entirely sure I could keep this on for longer than a night without picking it off, the texture was definitely annoying to me. But it does look really gross/awesome!


Polishes used: American Apparel – Downtown LA, Elevation Polish – Cerro Torre, Butter London – Matte Finish.


bloody mani

Nightmare Before Christmas inspired nail art

This was another late night nail adventure! I couldn’t sleep last night so I made the mistake of turning on The Nightmare Before Christmas. The songs are going to be stuck in my head FOREVERRRRR. That’s okay though, it’s still one of my favorite halloween/christmas time movies. We even once had a black christmas tree decorated with Nightmare Before Christmas toys when I was a kid, hahaha.

Anywho. By the time the movie got to Oogie Boogie’s Song, I decided it was nail art time. This particular scene jumped out at me so I took a screenshot and used it as inspiration for this mani.

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 12.18.08 AM



Polishes used: Deborah Lippmann – Dancing in the Sheets, China Glaze – Pool Party, China Glaze – Ghoulish Glow, plus black, neon pink, and green acrylic paint

Oogie Boogie


Oogie Boogie black light


Bobtail Squid inspired nail art!

So in all of my googling the other day while trying to find things to add to my coral reef nail art, I discovered the cutest little squid ever. The bobtail squid. I saved a photo of it because I knew I would have to go back and do nails based on the coloring/pattern. This was the first time in a while that i’ve busted out the sponges and saran wrap too, it seems like I’ve been on an acrylic paint spree lately but this was a nice change!


Seriously how cute is this guy?!



Polishes used: Color Club – Pucci-licious, Nina Ultra Pro – Anaconda Liked It, Finger Paints – Art You Wondering?, Zoya – Song, Innisfree – 96, random black nail art polish with no label(used for the dots)


Bobtail Squid pattern

Coral Reef nail art!

Hiiii guys! Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA this week, I’ve been crazy busy. I haven’t even been doing nail art stuff, just plain colors or bare nails. I had to fix that this weekend though. I have wanted to do a coral reef style scene for ages, but I kept putting it off because I couldn’t figure out where to start.

Polishes used: Rescue Beauty Lounge – Aqua Lily, acrylic paints.

Coral Reef

Angler Fish!

So at some point late last night, I decided that this one piece of big circle glitter on my pointer nail would be the perfect spot for an angler fish light thingy. Cue an hour of googling photos of angler fish before saying screw it and winging this one, I am quite pleased with how it came out. Especially with the black light accents!

Polishes used: Emily de Molly – Oceanic Forces, China Glaze – Sun Worshipper, Spoiled by Wet ‘n Wild – Did I Dye It Too Blonde?, various acrylic paints(both neon and not neon)


angler fish daylight 20131015_030358