31 Day Challenge: Day 28 – Inspired by a Flag!

I was not excited about doing this one up until I decided to use a fictional flag instead of a normal one, hahaha. Technically this is more of a sigil, buttttttt they fly their sigils on flags when they’re off stomping around Westeros, right? So it counts? I say it counts and that’s that.  This one was inspired by the House Stark sigil. I’ve done this one before, and I still haven’t been able to make the design stretch across all four nails without it looking weird, so it’s just on three of them again.



Polishes used: Hare Polish – Dead Man’s Bones(seemed appropriate since it was the House Stark sigil, hahaha) and black acrylic paint

28 - inspired by a flag

Make sure to check out the awesome flag inspired manis that others have come up with for today!


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