31 Day Challenge: Day 21 – Inspired by a Color!

Wooooo Saturday! I love my days off, I plan on doing nothing except maybe swatching a few polishes, renting a movie, making dinner, and finishing my hair dye adventure(If you check out instagram, I dyed my hair neon green last night. it was fun). Anywho, here is my mani for today’s challenge!


I was inspired by the color of the ocean. I did a saran wrap mani, and I really really like how it turned out! Definitely reminds me of the rippling waters of the ocean when I stand out on the pier and look out across the water.


Polishes used: Elevation Polish – Pic de Sotllo(base color), Light turquoise franken(same as used for tribal mani, dupe for Picture Polish – Honeydew), Elevation Polish – Pic de Subenuix, Colors by Llarowe – Behead the Drama Queen, and then the whole mani was topped with a layer of Zoya – Frida.


21 - inspired by a color



Make sure to check out the awesome color-inspired manis that others have come up with for today!



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