31 Day Challenge: Day 20 – Water Marbling


Water marbling. My nail art nemesis. I truly despise doing this because I am forever just not good at it. I think the only other times I do this is when it comes up in a challenge because I refuse to skip a day or quit, hahaha.

Fifteen attempts, half a bag of cotton balls, too much nail polish remover and nail polish, and one cuticle pusher thrown across the room in a rage later, this is about as successful as my water marble was gonna get. All in all, it’s not bad. It’s just nowhere near the amazing level of perfection that some other bloggers out there seem to be able to get(as far as I am concerned. Those bloggers are wizards. I refuse to believe that water marbling is that easy/turns out that perfect without the aid of some kind of supernatural force or magic. nothing you can say will convince me otherwise)

Polishes used: Jade – Magia Negra(base color), Elevation Polish – Pic de Subenuix, Elevation Polish – I Got The Axe

20 - watermarble

Make sure to check out the awesome water marble manis that others have come up with for today!


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