Happy Hands Nail Polish – Worst. Polish. Ever. and Sector 7-G!

Today I’ve got two polishes from the newly released Springfield, USA collection. The collection is themed after, you guessed it, everyone’s favorite cartoon family, The Simpsons!

Happy Hands



First up we have Sector 7-G. According to the Happy Hands description, this polish is “a medium gray jelly with (not-quite glowing) neon green hexes, squares, and iridescent lime glitters. Even for the simplest safety inspector from Sector 7-G, this polish is nuclear!”

It’s worth noting that it *does* actually glow because HELL YEAH those green glitters are black light reactive! I posted a photo of it on my instagram under black light, it’s awesome!

I had no issues with the formula, the photo below is Three coats.

Sector 7-G



Up next we have Worst. Polish. Ever.! Don’t let the name mislead you, it is actually a pretty dang awesome polish! Happy Hands describes this polish as  a “whirlwind of yellow, blue, brown, red, orange, and green in a glitter topcoat to bring your favorite cartoon family to your nails!”

It definitely brings those cartoon colors to life, this glitter! The photo below is one coat of glitter over two coats of China Glaze – Running in Circles

Worst. Polish. Ever.


After I finished swatching these two polishes, I decided that just using the glitter wasn’t enough to satisfy my Simpsons craving, so I busted out the acrylic paint for some nail art time! The polishes used in this photo are the same as above, only I added a Marge Simpson as an accent.



Happy Hands Nail Polish is available on Etsy, Bigcartel, and various international online retailers(list can be found here). To keep up with information on new collections and restocks, make sure to check out the Happy Hands Nail Polish facebook page!



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