Scofflaw Varnish!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a great week. Today I’ve got some of my favorite polishes  from Scofflaw Nail Varnish to show you all!



Scofflaw Varnish

(I also decided to fill in my logo stamp. What do you guys think? Do you like it better as an outline like in past posts, or filled out like in this one? Let me know!)


First up we have David Bowie’s Bulge. When I first heard of this polish, I wanted it for the name before I even knew what it looked like! Luckily for me, it is lovely in person.  According to the description on Scofflaw’s Etsy page, this polish is a “rich, deep coral polish with subtle shimmer. It’s accented with matte and holographic teal glitters of various sizes and also features small dark red glitters and a bronze microglitter. It’s completely opaque in two or three coats.” I used two coats of polish for the photo below.

David Bowie's Bulge



Up next is a polish from the newest Scofflaw summer release, Paranoid Android. Again, I loved this polish for the name the instant I heard it!(Radiohead fans what up) According to the Scofflaw Etsy, “Paranoid Android is a vibrant, perfectly-perfect sky blue jelly. It boasts a subtle shimmer, and is packed with glitters in neon coral, dark plum, sky blue, and gunmetal silver. It’s typically opaque in two or three coats, depending on your nails. ” The photo below is two thick coats.

Paranoid Android



And last up we have Sturm Und Drang. I couldn’t tell you how to pronounce it, but it sure is pretty!  Scofflaw describes the polish, “Sturm Und Drang (German for ‘Storm and Stress’) as a pewter polish full of shimmer and scattered silver holographic highlights. It features glitters in aqua, silver, gunmetal, lavender, violet, and lime green. It’s completely opaque in two or three coats.” For this one, my personal preference is to just use one coat over a dark base so that the lime green and violet glitter really pop without being covered by another coat of the polish base. This swatch is one coat of Sturm Und Drang over one coat of China Glaze – Stone Cold. The sun also decided to take a vacation for the rest of the day, so I was unable to get a sunlight photo of this one. Thanks for that one, rain.

Sturm Und Drang



Scofflaw will be restocking on Etsy on September 15th! For any updates regarding restocks and new releases, make sure to check out the Official Scofflaw Facebook Page!




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