Sunday Spam: NerdLacquer!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I’m excited for Dexter tonight, but not so much for work tomorrow, hahaha.  Anywho, today I have some NerdLacquer polishes to show y’all!




NerdLacquer – Han Shot First(2 coats)

Han Shot First




NerdLacquer – Shiny(3 coats)




NerdLacquer – Gorramit(3 coats)




NerdLacquer – Webinarmy(2 coats)




NerdLacquer – But She’s Got It Where It Counts(3 coats)

But She's Got it Where it Counts



NerdLacquer – Batcave(this swatch is 1 coat Batcave over 2 coats Man Glaze – Fuggen Ugly)

Batcave shade



To keep up with any NerdLacquer restock announcements, make sure to check out the NerdLacquer google+ page!



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