Hare Polish – Flight of the Flamingos & Washed Ashore

So. This is my first official blog post! We’ll see how this goes/if I can actually keep up with this thing.

I managed to snag two of the new Hare polishes when they were restocked recently, so here they are!


First up is Washed Ashore! According to Hare’s website, Washed Ashore is a peachy pink jelly polish with an ethereal mix of ice blue glitter, purple/blue iridescent glitter & silver shimmer. It is such a subtle yet stunning glitter!


Next up we have Flight of the Flamingos. The description on Hare’s site says that it is a light grey jelly base with those striking neon pink glitters in various shapes/sizes + gold glitter & shimmer as well! Man, I loooooove this one. The neon pink glitters are so fantastic, and neon glitter has been a huge part of my summer polish addiction. PLUS! The pink glitter totally glows in black light. It’s fantastic.


See?! Black light!


For information on where Hare Polish can be found, check out the Where To Buy link on the official Hare Polish Website!



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