Takko Lacquer – Bright Young Things

Happy Friday!  Any big weekend plans? I’m probably just going to relax and enjoy the holiday weekend(and maybe pout a bit that I didn’t get to go to Dragon*Con this year, sigh).

Today I’ve got one of the summer Takko Lacquer polishes to show you guys!

Takko Lacquer

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Happy Hands Nail Polish – Worst. Polish. Ever. and Sector 7-G!

Today I’ve got two polishes from the newly released Springfield, USA collection. The collection is themed after, you guessed it, everyone’s favorite cartoon family, The Simpsons!

Happy Hands


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Saturday Nail Art!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day so far!



I decided to bust out my acrylic paints this morning and have some fun with some nail art! I love using acrylic paint because it is so much easier to clean up/fix if you make a mistake than if you’re using actual nail polish. Usually I put on a base color and top coat, and once that TC is dry, go to town with the acrylic paints.


nail art


I used Elevation Polish – Dykh-Tau as a base, and then I took 4 different colors of paint, diluted them a tiny bit with water, then splattered them on my nails with a paint brush. Once I was happy with the overall look, I put one more coat of top coat over the acrylic paint so it won’t wash off in water. After that was good and dry, I just washed my hands in the bathroom to get rid of the excess paint on my hands. There was just a little bit of excess paint. Just a little bit.


nail art pre-cleanup

Hahaha, and that is another reason why I prefer to do this with acrylic paint. Can you imagine that cleanup with nail polish remover?! No thank you.



And with that, I’m off for the day! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!